Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's been a long time coming

A little something that brought me forward from He Is Beautiful. He will guide anyone He wishes from anywhere, anytime and anybody.

It's strange how things turned out to be,
From the man I least expect to see;
Who illuminates my inner decree

Lost in the fury of the flame,
Swindled by the worldly acclaim,
Basking each in its glory and fame,
With desires that goes untamed

Oh! My Lord, in this sweetness of night,
When the eyes rest from all sight,
Before sleep descends to invite;
I seek Your presence forthright

Oh! The universe's Creator
The night's and the day's Curator
Only You can fill our soul's crater

I thank You, for meeting him
Cause in him, such is beauty
For in him, I found You


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