Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 Reasons to date an NIE teacher

Alright, allow me to 'broach' a light-hearted topic on why 100% of my closest Malay/Muslim friends who majors in Engineering in NTU have partners who hailed from the educational sector.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no shortage of drawbacks dating a teacher. By default, a public servant essentially has to forfeit a good deal of their personal privacy. Imagine that awkward incident when you're caught lip-locking by her students. Boy, wouldn't it make to the top trending topic in twitter, say, #MissRinaKissingUglyDude !

And, due to the nature of her profession, she would have to content with a ridiculous deal of take-home work such as marking of papers, lessons planning and so forth.. June/December 'holidays', you say? HAH. Likewise, teaching can be interpreted as a last resort 'bail-out' career path for those who can't or aren't qualified for the private sector.

So it makes me wonder, even though our career trajectories are world's apart, what makes these ladies to be an exceptional teacher's pets for my friends?

First up, let's define the boundaries that led to my analysis. Most of my friends stated above are a group of observant and good Muslim practitioners. Not only does it plays a part in what makes NIE (National Institute of Education) teachers attractive, it may very well constitute the ONLY reason. So, definitely no kissing in public, like what I've pointed out before. Sorry to quell on your weird fetish.

Again, another disclaimer: All my observations are based just on my understanding of the phenomena in my little unofficial laboratory and does not represent the whole population of NTU or NIE students.

So, here it goes!

1) A teacher has the attributes of a mother
Not only is she smart, she is also understanding, patient and nurturing. Okay, the superlatives used may be a little bit far-fetched considering the devilish nature of students nowadays. But still, I think she'd hope to guide her students towards success in her little, tender motherly heart. Definitely the best bet to groom your offspring.

2)  A respected profession in the Malay/Muslim community
Education is the forefront of any developed nation. Teachers have a prevalent effect on society and the future economic growth of a nation. I don't know how much it still holds true for other communities, but in our little Malay/Muslim circle, I still think this mindset is widespread to a certain extent.

3) They are (almost as) intelligent 
Haha, I don't wish to be demeaning, but isn't this true? I can see a good deal of my mates relish intellectual debates with their partners, BUT, at the same time, wanting to win with equal measure. Feeds our manliness, you see; this insatiable appetite to beat a worthy adversary. Won't happen if you are up against a doctor, a lawyer, a CEO, or or or a lady engineer (you won't want her to correct you on your Higher Order Differential Equation).

Jokes aside, this is an advantage to weigh any real life issues to the best of their faculties. Two heads are better than one!

4)  Close proximity with NTU 
There's a saying, 'Absence makes the heart grows fonder', but this isn't the case! Just a stone's throw away from our school, resides their dearest other halves! So, having problems with your demanding lecturer? Go grab a good meal and confide in her. Or your unrelenting study group?  Go and study with her; nothing beats the motivation when your girl is spurring you on! :)

5) The long holidays
I wanted to leave this one out, but I can't deny the well-deserved breaks our teachers enjoy despite the frantic grade-marking and so on. There are a total of 12 weeks of holidays in a year in the form of June and December school breaks. So, let's pick up where you've left off, and do some serious catching up!

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