Monday, April 16, 2012

The Problem for Educated Females

Finally, I've managed to fabricate a 90-page report for my FYP in a space of one and half month, which is nothing short of an achievement for me. Achievement, because for nearly half of it, I really don't know what I'm talking about. If there's one thing I could take away from my tertiary education, that is to be a specialist at bullshitting, coz even with hundreds of arduous readings from journals and i can still be none the wiser.

And so, I felt sinful for updating this post considering that my exams will be around the corner, but I cant help reading with interest a newspaper article entitled 'Graduate Women, Will You Marry Down?' (The New Paper on Sunday, April 15, 2012). 

Coz truth be told, I thought it was a rhetorical question. 

There is no way in hell a lady graduate in Spore would even consider 'friendzoning' a man of a lesser calibre than her, much less dating him. Stats don't lie either; a survey conducted by the team reveals that NONE of the 50 young female undergraduates and graduates would date a blue-collar worker, citing lack of compatibility, chemistry and of course, parental disapproval as the top reasons. And by the way, French and literature you say? Avale mes couilles grosse pute.


I could be flamed for this, but a graduate chick dating a non-graduate dude is akin to a filthy-rich man dating a fat, unattractive lady. There's no denying the biological differences for a gender to get themselves the best mate; a man would prioritize her looks/body while the women, to see how many pieces of Yusoff Bin Ishak's portraits he has in his armoury. 

Before anything else, allow me to elaborate on the linear perception which has manifest itself into the  Singaporean's way of life:

High Education --> White Collar Jobs --> Good Money --> Good Life; while
Low Education --> Blue Collar Jobs --> No Money --> Bad Life

This is more prevalent for Singaporeans so much so that it has evolved into an obsession. Thus the balance of nature is somewhat tilted when a surfeit of women in academia goes about trying to find their ideal mate. Say hello to hypergamy, on a grand scale.

In light of this, Singaporeans, being Singaporeans, need the government's intervention to tell us where a "mother is quite happy when the daughter says 'I'm going out with a waiter'". Ok lah, clearly I'm misinterpreting Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam's speech; he just wants us not to undermine the contributions of blue-collar workers. But the way I see it, if you can't keep the dames out of uni, make it seems that it is OK to date someone who's not in it.

But it is hard to fight our natural inclinations. Women will always be women, and men will always be men. I can't blame the women too, they would want someone who can shelter her and their offspring with a comfortable life. Personally, I have not known many female friends who is more than willing to date someone who is lower educated than her. But lower educated yet having sound financial resources? Totally different ball game altogether.

So this love story between an honours graduate and a stall vendor came as a very heart-warming article.

Apparently, something which is quite out of the ordinary is worthy of being on the front-page headlines in tabloids isn't it? These kind of revelations are very few and far in between in a metro politic city like ours.

And make no mistake about it, she's no any average lady, she's a HOTTIE, goddammit. But for someone who is willing to go beyond her comfort zone (she used to be chauffeured home from school!) and trade everything else that she had for love, then that IS news.

Power of unconditional love, they say; where one's critical faculty or reasoning got suspended by that feeling of bliss. Not that I'm saying it's bad.

But like Mr Poh quoted, it is indeed a Mission Impossible.

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