Sunday, February 19, 2012

Write to Me, Please!

With FB private messaging, sms, emailing, whatsapp and other myriads of technological connectivity, confessing your love for someone is all the more simpler compared to the yesteryears.

Then & Now.
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Nowadays you can reply to an 'I love you too' message while watching a Liverpool match or saying 'I miss you too, dear' while bz chatting with your mat-ish friends at the void deck. The point is, even though technology may aid us to improve our connectivity, unfortunately it will do nothing more if you hardly put in effort to communicate with your heart. I mean, how inconvenient is it for you to just type 'IMY' without even batting an eyelid?

Besides your looks, charm or Clarence Clifford leather shoes, there is one other thing women would trade for anything else in the world: novelty. And if you want more out of your r/ship, it certainly requires some doing.

Yes, it was your honey-coated words sprinkled with sugar that lured her in. Everyone knows that. But you can try to get her hooked by surprising her with hand-written notes/letters. I'm sure it will get its way across with equal measure.

I still don't know why,but you have to agree with me on this. Sometimes, written words are far more powerful than those that are spoken. Try asking any lady if they will ever forget this scene:

The 'Perfect' Scene

Consider this: you had the worst feud ever with your partner. In an attempt to galvanise your flailing r/ship, you try to piece together the most touching words to melt her heart...again. Instead of just keying in from your Iphone's touchpad:

...try slipping this in her bag. I tell you, she'd hope you'd commit the crime again!
Love Letter

Just kidding lah.


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