Monday, February 20, 2012

Written Words That Melt Women

In response to my previous post, Write To Me, Please!, I found several YouTube videos to support my claims. I think I'm gonna buy chunks of Post-It note already. Hah!

Let's start things off with that awfully romantic scene from Love Actually.

Then this for a great strategy to befriend a chick without any cheesy pick-up lines. I have to admit that this is an awesome skit with an unexpected twist.

This is one is a bit lengthy. But they did manage to tell a better love story in 12 minutes than four movies of Twilight could ever came close to telling (adapted from the top comment on YouTube).

Or if you can't conjure up words to attract the gal, maybe you can be a lil more creative with your Post-It stickpads. The expression of the lady at the end, PRICELESS!

Ok, that's all I have in store for now, hope you enjoyed the videos!

I will be on hiatus for a while, FYP's really weighing me down.

I want to graduate too you know!

Till then, cya! :)

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