Wednesday, January 4, 2012

She's Too Good For Everyone

The things guys do for a beautiful woman.

Very insightful and a light-hearted musical. He's ever so willing to be enslaved by her, with the faintest of hope that she'll fall for him.

I remember one of my friend's facebook status which read:

Many girls nowadays tend to fall for a handsome, rocker bad boy, jerk or a player. The boy that is sweet, not so good looking, nice and boy next door always don't stand a chance at all or being rejected.

In hindsight, you have no one else to blame, really. Please stop feeling sorry for yourself. And you called yourself sweet, sugar?


Coz you are superficial yourself, dude. 

Lower your expectations, and dun let the girl be the scapegoat of your baseless discrimination.

Or else, read The Game. HAHA!!!

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