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Personal Review: The Game

Holla! After reviewing The Game, i realized that I’ve left out my own personal opinions about the book. Which is rather uncharacteristic of a blog’s sole purpose: a platform for me to express my own personal views; a place for me to be me. So, here it is!

Nerds are taking over the world by storm! was my first impression. Think about it: the jargon, theories and tactics, all mapped out in such a meticulous manner, all piecing up the dynamics of social interaction, for what?

Yes, they’re refining how we communicate with one another, something which separates us from the other animal counterparts by knowing more about ourselves. Gone were the days where actors and rock stars hogged the limelight, it’s the nerds now who steals the show by taking centrestage!

The Good’s and the Bad’s.

It’s inconceivable that there will be mixed responses by reading the book – depending on your gender. The Game is an instruction manual devised by men, for men, targeted to understand the complex circuitry of the woman’s mind. Of course, we would surely say, ‘This book his truly magical!’ because it work wonders for our own benefits, but what about the fairer sex?

Surely, they’d think that the book is instead, cursed. It’s just condescending for men wanting the book just to manipulate them for the pleasure of the flesh.


Remember the cat-string theory (if you don’t, see the previous post for definition)? Neil Strauss worked his ass off learning the tricks of the trade. To be what? Irresistible to women. For what? To have sex with ‘em. It can’t be any simpler than that; that’s how we men roll. Which is why Strauss was dismayed when Dustin, whom he aspired to be like initially, starts being spiritual.

Neil sees him as a living embodiment of being the man, where he thought happiness equals to bedding with any woman he desires. Instead, he seems beleaguered, the ‘been there done that’ aura an all too familiar feeling, and in need of something more to find solace in.

Just like the cat-string theory, humans crave for things which is beyond our reach, and when we have it, would it lead to happiness? That’s how I personally see The Game: it’s a cat-string analogy on the biggest scale.

And how will The Game change when Neil finally finds a woman of his life?

One-itis (go google it!)

I’m beginning to smell a trend here. The player – the incredibly good-lookin with his sizzlin hot swagger and charm about him that melts every woman in his wake – tends to fall in love with the woman who never fall for his bait. Movies such as ‘Love, and other drugs’ and ‘Crazy, stupid love’ concurs my claim, as with the story of Neil himself.

Can someone please enlighten me on this phenomenon?

Here’s my take: Humans seek challenges. If that player employed his game to a woman who falls easily to his antics, then, she will be like any other women. Similarly, the gorgeous lady will find a man different if he didn’t compliment on her beauty on and on and on, something which she is NOT accustomed to.

There’s also a term called ‘Sensory Adaptation’, which i learnt in my Psychology class.

It’s kinda like a numbing effect, where we ignore things that are normal. For instance, when you put on a sock, you will feel the teeny tiny pressure of the sock clamping on your feet. But as the day progresses, you won’t notice that pressure anymore, even though it’s still there.

Maybe this concept is akin to the phenomenon described above; that our mind being jolted and it could be worthwhile to focus more into the person who stood out from the pack.

What’s your take?

Ugly Women

Can they be gamed? The ladies who’s lucky in the gene pool would normally be the target for men to play The Game. You see, it can either be a privilege or a liability for the ladies.They garner most the attention - women crave for lots of attention – she wants from men (sometimes, for the wrong financial reasons). Revealing her temptuous cleavage or silky smooth legs and she reeks of men trying to just to win her body – that’s a liability.

What I’m saying is, ugly men can find a way to attract beautiful women using the techniques using The Game. Although it takes more time, skill and effort compared to the more good looking alpha males, there can still be a way. Unfortunately, can the same be said for women who is less attractive?

Master of The Game!

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