Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imma Counselor Siol

As promised, I'll reveal the result of my personality according to the Meyers Briggs Test:

Imma counselor siol

Ok of course, I just wanted to renew my interest in graffiti. I haven't really lose my touch i should say, but u cant really do much on a 15 mins sketch anyway. But i can assure u it's still alive and kicking alrite, just need to do some polishing to uncover the diamond in the rough from within. HAHA. speaking siol. 

Otherwise, this is my actual test result

Counselor huh? Guess no one expects that.

And then that day, me and my best buddy went to town with a sole purpose in mind: to hunt for chicks.

Of course we weren't armed with the right mentality to approach a lady, even with the extra effort to dress up in an attempt to be a head-turner. What we only achieved is the scornful stares from the gals we tried to hover around - and also their mum. :/

We even sarcastically coined ourselves chok and berg (a Malay term for a guy who's suave and charming), but it's evident that we are anything but.

But all's not lost though, as we got back to our drawing board to analyze and plan for our course of action the next time round. Ive got myself a wingman. Cool!

Very nerd-resque, but nerds rule the world, remember????

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