Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chick Vs Dick

There's a video series online that I followed religiously. But unlike the normally solemn and soul-empowering sermons in the mosque or church, I was pulled because it's laden-filled with humour that is close to the heart.

But that wasn't the reason why Chick Vs Dick weren't aired in your normal mainstream TV channel. At best, it is actually crude and vulgar in a content nothing short of explicits. One of their challenges requires them to act out several sexual positions, like how the good ol' Charade should be played, rite?

In truth, it's really not the battle of the sexes that keeps me engaged. Who cares, when who wins what? Or how? Instead, the show has all the makings of a good story plot you'd normally see in the movies: Dick annoys chick, chick finds him stupid and onerous but still yet funny, bla bla bla and somehow it could effervesce into romance - called filmance - or at least that's what I hoped for.

It's always fun to see how people with different personalities communicate with one another.

Also, let's not forget the editors with their quirky and whimsical sound effects that saves some of the otherwise monotonous episodes.

Describe Paul briefly.
In a 'nutshell', he's a dick through and through. Always making a fool out of himself; sometimes it hits the mark, but others, he just seems to be trying too hard. Is a wuss in general, thank God he has to serve army. But for all his funky demeanor you could tell he felt inferior to KayKay. Also, with all his sexual deluge, he claims to be very sentimental (he composed a poem for kaykay!), preferring long walks by the beach than an uncompromising 'let's get it done and over with' attitude.

There's more to Paul than meets the eye

Describe Kay Kay briefly. The chick. I'm actually confused about her. At times, she can be so Ah Lian-like. Enjoys chastising Paul, and spared little tolerance when her feathers got ruffled. Excels in intellectual challenges, but faltered in physical duel with Paul - what's surprising? However, her true character surfaced in episode 84 when her body language betrayed her. Seemingly shy and demure, she promised that we won't get to see them kissing again. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.