Sunday, January 1, 2012

Book Review: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists by Neil Strauss (Style)

It is not a mystery that every man fantasizes snaring up a perfect 10 and getting her into bed; with all her 36-24-36, scintillating assets put to good use. But in reality, this seems a little too far-fetched to the millions of average-looking dudes who are left to accept that some men are either “born to have it or not” envious notions to be with women.

But is it true that these skills only comes naturally and cannot be nurtured?

Welcome aboard Style’s (Neil Strauss) voyage, as he takes you to real-life adventure that you would only dare dream of. Average-looking and nothing overly famous, witness how he undergoes metamorphosis from a geeky novice to wingman to an accomplished pick-up artist, who, according to some, even bested one of his former gurus, Mystery.

Yes, all it took was one weekend with Mystery before a series of life-changing events began to unreel right in front of his disbelieving eyes: decoding the loopholes of a woman’s psychology.

Learn how he discovered the sets of fool-proof algorithms that even larger-than-life celebrities like Courtney Love, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears weren’t even spared, much less others. These includes the use of

  • Negging - a skillful insult used to lower the self-esteem of a beautiful woman who is normally attuned to expect compliments.

  • Cat String Theory - an analogy used to stimulate a woman craving for more, but enticing it just beyond her reach. The same behaviour displayed of a cat chasing after a string which eventually gets bored after a successful pounce on the string.

  • Or checking for Indicators of Interest (IOI) - a series of body language that shows the woman’s acceptance of your advances that may ripen to physical intimacy.

Consider yourself lucky for Style’s benevolence though, as he painstakingly laid down bare all these secrets that he learnt though travels around the world at the comfort (and safety, seriously!) of your own home.

Be prepared to be rudely surprised too, by the repercussions of having one too many pleasures! How being in ‘hot tubs surrounded by bikini-clad models’ took a turn for the worst and how Project Hollywood challenged their ability to appreciate human touch or to even think rationally.

And when Style finally met his match (his one-itis), would he be able to execute The Game with indeed, style and panache, or will he be left to rue the fine line between love and lust that is constantly blurring for him?


  1. Great review! Elaine also reviewed this book a while ago on The Book Report, I think maybe I'll give it a read.

    1. Hey Jack! You should really go and read it! I'm sure you could find some valuable take-aways :) regarding Elaine's review on The Book Report, would you be kind enough to send me the link? I tried searching for it but to no avail. Thanks!