Sunday, January 1, 2012

5 Reasons Why Women Cheat: Our Perspective

Hey y'all! As if telepathically responding to my queries, an article popped out of nowhere on yahoo! news on why women cheat, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon it.

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and Durex Survey Of Cheating Spouses.

19% Singaporean women surveyed by Durex condom admitted going astray, but what's more astonishing for me is that a higher percentage (33% of women) occurs in Malaysia. Ironic isn't it? A country known for her strict Islamic laws seems to turn its back on 'cha. But of course, as a disclaimer, we shall accept that the survey (it's just a survey anyway) won't be entirely credible as some would decide to keep their dirty laurels to themselves.

After a furious brainstorming session with my friend, we came up with 5 more reasons on top of those offered by the articles.

1) Media. It's always just about the media isn't it? I mean, just look at it: the movies, drama series, music, all portraying men as irresistible and romantic and heroic and funny and rich and dashing all at the same time. Which chick doesn't want a guy that fits that bill? This, I think, leads to a higher expectation of women of their partner; and when they see someone matching up with their fairy-tale character, well you know, the reality usually turns sour.

2) Its Hippy!!! Its the 21st century yo! What, you have a guy? 'A' guy? What are you, a cavewoman? Look at all us hoodies babe; let's take it to floor, and sleep with hunks galore!

3) Work. You see, I have an interesting point. Back in the (g)olden days, women usually end up being full time housewives. But how time has changed, as more and more women got into the workforce. Office scandals, etc etc, isn't it a rarity during our grandmother's time?

4) The Game. The side effect. Undoubtedly, The Game is designed for men to cut corners to win a women's heart in a short time. Now you got her, can you maintain it? Referring back to point 1, it's all about expectations. She used to see you as so someone so suave and cool, but once you reveal your true colours, she'd rather look for someone else that was once YOU.

5) The negative side of Mark Zuckerberg's masterpiece. I've made a pretty bad-ass statement here, but don't you agree that finding someone new won't be as simpler without facebook? It always start with a Poke, then a 'do you mind us being friends?' harmless private message, then bla bla bla, one thing led to another, and your gf would say, hey, he seems friendly. And before you know it you should've just trusted your guts than to fall for her we're-just-friends claim.

Well, that's all about it, what do you think? Do check out Askmen too.

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