Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 in 5 Women Cheats On Their Spouses

An interesting viewing topic I came across at (star blog) which reads: Here

And to think only men cheat! Surprise, surprise! Women fall for sexual variety too, but why is it that the men who gets the blame? Here’s the reason – women can go astray too, only that, they know how to cover up the traces of the crime scene. I’ll show you in my future post!

Anyway, any idea why on that high number of promiscuity for the local gals? Top 5 in the world, mind you! That’s, surprising.

You should read Zoe’s thoughts on this issue, I practically LOL-ed reading her very first paragraph: KARMA! What a way to get back at cha, you, slutty boyfriend you! If you can do it, I can do it TWICE as good! Talking bout equality of men and women!

I love her quirky suggestion of rounding up the number analogous to having a different partner for any day of the week (if you can’t do basic arithmetic, it’s SEVEN by the way)! Allow me to offer her a BETTER suggestion, why not make it a yearly basis; 365 guys to sleep with in a year and a segregation of gazillion trillion million , confused sperms swimming inside her?

If that’s the standard to go by, I don’t mind either cause for the guys, it’s the same as having a different woman from I-13 every fortnight. Geez! (insert big smiley face here).

On a side note, you might think that my posts are usually male-centric. Trust me, I’d definitely like to clear this cloud of negativity, let me reiterate: It’s only my 5th post! There are hundreds more posts I’ve planned for you guys, so keep your chin up yeah?

To allay your misconceptions, yes, for you lovely readers, guys or gals, I’m currently reading a book called Act like a lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey. Kinda like a counteractive measure for you ladies to handle men who think they’d got the edge by reading The Game. Cool huh?

Stay tune for the review! Have a blasting weekend!

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